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Pictured left to right: Special Guest Artists Barb Polk and Eddie Humphries. The Doo-Wop All-Stars: John Hourigan, Lynn Cline, George Poole, Lenny Whatley and Alan Watson.

Meet The Doo-Wop All-Stars. Dubbed that for their popularity. These "sixty-somethings" are Louisville music legends. The songs they've chosen will whisk you back to special times and revive wonderful memories from the 60's and 70's. And while they jokingly say they have one foot in the grave ... they're still doo-woppin'!
Doo-Wop started in the late 1950's as a mix of gospel and southern blues. The groups consisted of a lead singer with several background voices singing a counter melody. The All-Stars' origins of doo-wop began with John Hourigan and three local high school boys doing their street corner harmony to simple dance steps. And just like a crowd would gather then to hear their singing, today's fans are still enjoying the doo-wop music the All-Stars perform. Some 50 years later, it looks like doo-wop is here to stay.
You can enjoy this diverse group of singers with their nostalgic blend of voices regularly at John E's Restaurant with Barb & Eddie and at other special appearances throughout the Louisville area.

The Doo-Wop All-Stars are available to perform for the following types of events:
Please contact George Poole or Lynn Cline for booking information

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George Poole: (502)968-8511   |    Lynn Cline: (502)425-1937

George Poole -
George joined the Aztecs, a group of young men from Durrett High School, in 1960. He sang with them until 1963 when he joined Lynn Cline and The Epics where he remained until 1966. In 1970 George joined the Sultans as lead singer and performed with them through their final breakup in 2007 - almost 37 years. In addition to the Doo-Wop All-Stars, George also performs solo at or with John Hourigan at various venues in the Louisville area.
Hit Songs:
It's You That I Love/The Answer to My Prayer - 1962
Lynn Cline -
Lynn was the founding member of the Epics in 1959, a group of friends from Atherton High School. The Epics was the first local band to include female vocalists. The band broke up in late 1965 and reunited in 1973. The Epics are still together today and perform at various venues throughout the region. Lynn has also performed with the Louisville Orchestra.
Hit Songs:
Diamonds and Pearls/Jones Girl - 1960
We Belong Together/Baltimore - 1963
Theme for Janet/Tite Jaws - 1963
Knock on Wood/Flea Espanol - 1964

Bill began his singing career with the Four Frantics in 1958 where he first
started singing with John Hourigan. They traveled and performed with The
Carnations and Paul Penny. In 1960 the name of the group was changed to the
Tren-Dells. In addition to his singing, Bill played rythymn guitar on Scorpion,
a song recorded by the Carnations at King Records. Bill sang with the Tren-
Dells until he went away to college in 1961. In 1962 he returned to Louisville to
attend U of L and joined the Sultans. He sang with the Sultans until 1970 and
wrote "Mary, Mary" one of their recorded hits. In 1973 he joined a newly re-
formed group of the Tren-Dells and remained part of that group until 2009. In
May 2010 he joined The Doo-Wop All-Stars.

Hit Songs:

Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby/I'm So Young

Nite Owl/Hully Gully Jones

Hey Little Sheila

For Your Precious Love

Mary, Mary

Alan Watson -
Alan joined Metro in 1985 and was lead singer with them until 1992. In 1991, he joined The Tymes Band and is still singing lead for them. Alan is the newest and youngest member of the Doo-Wop All-Stars.
Hit Songs:
Where's The Pop
Sally Baby
John ("Johnny") Hourigan -
John began his singing career with the Four Frantics in 1958. They traveled and performed with The Carnations and Paul Penny. The Four Frantics changed their name to the Tren-Dells in 1960 and John sang with them until 1972. In 1963 John was lead singer on an international hit, "I'm Not Going to Work Today", but because he was under contract with Capitol Records, the song was recorded under the name of Boothog Pefferly and the Loafers (a studio group made up of musicians and singers from several local bands including the Monarchs, Tren-Dells, Sultans, Counts, Carnations and Silvertones.) When John left the Tren-Dells in 1972, he was a studio singer performing on many recording sessions and albums. He joined the Sultans in 1975 and performed with them until the mid 90's. He was also a lead singer with Metro where he sang with Alan Watson.
Hit Songs:
Debbie Jean/Sherry (with Jerry Cox) - 1959
Betty Jo/A Fool In Love (with Ray Allen) - 1959
Don't You Hear Me Calling Baby/I'm So Young - 1961
Moments Like This/I Miss You So - 1962
Nite Owl/Hully Gully Jones - 1962
Mr. Doughnut Man/Ain't That Funny - 1963
I'm Not Going to Work Today/Jump and Shout - 1963
I'll Be There/Everyday - 1964
Hey Da-Da-Dow (A Little Thing Called Love)/Tough Little Buggy - 1964
Shal-La-Lah-La/Sweets For My Sweet - 1965
It's So Right/Love - 1966
Let's Go Steady For The Summer/That's My Desire - 1967
Barb & Eddie -
Eddie Humphries is a world-class saxophonist who has performed with music's biggest names throughout his career. Barb Polk is a highly versatile vocalist who can sing everything from sultry jazz and standards to show tunes, pop and rock 'n roll. Since April 1997 Barb & Eddie have performed every evening Thursday-Saturday at John E's Restaurant in Louisville. Eddie Humphries has been performing music all his life. A gifted musician, Eddie plays both the tenor and soprano sax, plus the Yamaha midi wind machine that simulates an exciting range of instruments and sounds. Eddie started his musical career playing sax for the Tren-Dells in Louisville as one of The Carnations. He also played sax with Soul Inc. in Louisville. During his career, Eddie has toured with Brenda Lee, performing 2 years in her band, The Casuals. He has toured with the Dick Clark Caravan of Stars, backing up groups like The Byrds, Paul Revere and the Raiders and Lou Christy. He has performed in concert with The Louisville Orchestra and shared the stage with dozens of top performers including Cher, The Temptations, The Drifters, Mel Torme, Johnny Mathis, Frankie Vallee and Carol Channing. In 1998 he released his first solo CD, "Someone's There".

Barb Polk first sang in public at the age of six when she toured with the USO. Barb's professional singing career began in studios where she performed lead and back-up vocals on jingles and corporate music projects for KFC, La-Z-Boy, The Presbyterian Church USA, KY State District Council of Carpenters, Discovery Channel's "Big Job" CD-Rom and many others. Barb has been a featured soloist with the Don Krekel Orchestra, the Roger Dane Big Band, guest backup vocalist for "Johnny Rivers with the Louisville Orchestra" at The Palace, and most recently was the featured soloist with the West Market Street Stompers performing "A Tribute to Rosemary Clooney" at the Comedy Caravan. Barb & Eddie's first CD together is entitled "When I'm With You".

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